All Change

So it’s now over 12 months since we last updated this blog. In that period a lot has been going on.

The most obvious change is that our retail site for Price Crash Furniture has a fresh new look. This came about as part of a much larger project.

We’ve been busy focusing on what we do best, and that’s selling good quality furniture at the best price. The change we have implemented is a move to Shopify, a cloud solution that means we not longer have to worry about managing web hosting. The move from Magento to Shopify also gives us a site much more suited to tablet visitors and an improved experience on mobile browsers.

With the change in modus operandi, we also took the opportunity for a new look. we really like it – hopefully you do to.

The new look is much more modern, with more user friendly search and filtering options. As part of the transition we have made a decision to stop accepting pre orders. Whilst it is true that the world is returning to normal post covid, there are still many challenges. Probably the biggest of which is the fact that the reduced demand for shipping has had the effect of bringing down prices, however it has also reduced availability. This means that lead times for items that have gone out of stock have got longer. It also means that due dates are less reliable.

Magento to Shopify Migration

The migration to Shopify was completed with the use of a third party migration service. This means that the products still have the same look and feel as before. Descriptions, categories and images have all been preserved. The migration service really did take the pain out of it and we would recommend to anyone contemplating moving from Magento, which had just got too complicated and high maintenance for our liking.

We had also reached the point where every security upgrade we did, introduced more version conflicts. The net effect of this was that our Magento installation was not wonderfully stable.

However, that is all in the past now and we are very happy with our new world.

Anyway, enough about technology and back to furniture. We will write in the next day or two about some exciting new collections we have just got our hands on.