New for Autumn / Winter 2020

As unfortunately we start to see the effects of Covid-19 bite again now we are starting to move into the colder months, we sadly need to start to think about home working again.  Last time this happened we saw a massive surge in the sales of desks and laptop tables.  It would be remiss of us to expect such a surge again, however, one manufacturer has learnt from customer feedback and has launched a new and improved range for Winter 2020

SK Home Furniture have been retail partners with Jual Furnishings for nearly 10 years now, having first started selling their highly commended furniture back in 2011.  During this time their range has gone through many changes, but one thing that has remained constant is the PC201 Helsinki collection of designer curved wood and glass office furniture.

Originally in the early days the Helsinki collection was just available in Oak and Walnut, colours that remain very popular to this day.  A few years ago now following customer demand a grey option was launched into the range too.  Fast forward to 2020 and the grey collection has had a facelift.

Improved Looks

Learning from customer feedback the range has been tweaked to retain its original charm and popularity, however it has been updated to have contrasting Ultra White Glass on both the laptop table and desk pieces.  These both remain available to buy in a choice of sizes, coming in either 90cm or 130cm options.

All of the desk and laptop table options within the range coming with a matching vanity panel as seen in the above image. This part is an optional fit and can be left off when assembling to suit individual design styles and tastes as a key part of the flexibility of this popular range of home office furniture.

Not content with seeking to improve the desks and laptop tables in the collection, the PC606 grey chair that is designed to coordinate and match the home office range has had an update too.  It now looks ultra sleek with a grey leather seat to compliment the desks and provide a truly co-ordinated style.

As with everything we sell at Price Crash Furniture, the Jual Home Office Furniture Grey collection comes with free UK mainland delivery as standard, as well as a no hassle 30 day returns policy.  If there is anything you want to know, then just get in touch with our friendly furniture support ninjas who will be happy to help.