New for Autumn 2023

We have been hard at work here at SK Home furniture while you have all been on summer holidays. As such we are proud to bring you hundreds of new products lines for your home. Some of these are “new new”. And, some of these are old favourites restored to the range as they have become available again.

Probably one of the elements we are most excited about is the additions to our shoe cabinet collection. New to the range for autumn 2023 is a number of new items from the Mino range. These combine Scandinavian elegance and exciting prices.

There have been lots more added throughout the site, if we listed them all it would be a very long blog post!

Discounts galore

We have also been able to reduce in price 100s of items throughout the store. Some of these discounts really do need to be seen. Significant discounts are there to be had across a number of ranges including Baroque and Softline from Steens. Many of the items in these collections have been HALVED in price – with the large wardrobes dropping from £649 to just £319. However, these discounts won’t last forever, and when they are gone, they’re gone. As manufacturers seek to make room in their warehouses for exciting new ranges coming in 2024 old stock has to be cleared. And, Price Crash Furniture is pleased to help them. We have passed all of these savings on to you by reducing the retail prices by the same amount as our cost price has come tumbling down.