Bringing A New Level Of Comfort To Office Working

Many employers amy at this time be struggling to tempt employees back to the office after a long hiatus with Covid-19 enforced lockdown, and then the school summer holidays. One solution is to make the working environment more appealing.

Many office workers have long complained of back pain and discomfort when sat at a desk all day. Indeed bad posture and the ensuing discomfort is often the focus of the health and safety officer when conduction office based risk assessments. Lets face it the last thing you want to do having just got people back to the office is have them go off ill again.

A solution to this has long been available on the continent, particularly in Scandinavia. Adjustable height desks enable people to work in a position they feel comfortable, be it sat down or stood up, or even somewhere in between. Having worked in a office for 20 years now myself investing in a height adjustable desk a few years ago has proven to be one of the best moves ever.

Tvilum height adjustable office desk

As supplied they look like an ordinary office desk. However you can just see under the desk surface the smart small black control panel that enable the desk to adjust to a working height comfortable for any user at any time of day.

At its maximum adjustment the desk then transforms to an impressive height suitable for any user, at any time of day.

Like the rest of the Prima collection from Danish furniture manufacturer, these desks come in a choice of finishes and styles. You can choose from Black Woodgrain, Oak, and White. There are also 2 finishes of leg available to help you match the perfect desk to the office. Legs come in a choice of white, or silver steel grey.

With the choice of both wood and frame colours there should be something to suit every modern stylish office environment. Gone are the days of dull and dowdy finishes that just look plain and boring. With it’s full range of matching office furniture to suit every possible need the Prima collection brings style and quality to the office with ease.

Need any help, then of course feel free to get in touch via the Price Crash Furniture website, where our helpful product support ninjas will be happy to find the answer to any questions you may have.

These desks of course also come with the standard Price Crash Furniture commitment. We offer free UK Mainland delivery on all orders, no matter what the size. And as if that wasn’t enough we also offer a 30 day no hassle returns policy.