About SK Home Furniture

Founded as a limited company in 2011 SK Home Furniture is now 10 years old this year.

Things have changed over the years quite significantly, the online shopping arena has become more crowded for one as barriers to entry have steadily reduced over time.

However we are pleased to still be going as strongly as ever, with our usual eye for a good product and an ever better price.


Baumhaus Mayan Walnut Extra Large Shoe Cupboard-CWC20F - Price Crash Furniture
PC201 Helsinki 1300mm Desk in Oak by Jual - Price Crash Furniture

Customer experience before profit

That’s a strange notion? Well actually no it’s not. We are a small business run by a team of family and good friends, so we want to come to work and enjoy our days. We also find it important to sleep at night so we won’t work with partners who don’t work to the same high standards we target – simples!