SK Home Furniture are online furniture etailers with a taste for good service and value, we have two main websites from which we trade, and a number of support sites and domains to help operations

We are always on the lookout for good quality content writers and freelance developers with suitable ecommerce experience – if this is you then why not drop us a line.

We don’t sell cheap furniture – we sell good furniture cheap, with great designs straight from the manufacturers

Since we started Price Crash Furniture many years go the website has evolved massively. Having previously just focussed on selling cheap furniture, that focus has shifted. Now we look to offer great value and service on all items, not just selling the cheapest items we can get hold of.

Over the years we have since ceased selling a number of items that did not match our quality expectations. Our brand integrity is important to us which is why we simply refuse to sell items where there have been proven quality issues. Rest assured if you buy from us as a business, we will not be knowingly selling a problem.

A destination for all the home.

As a company at SK Home Furniture we are always constantly learning and evolving. We have a strong view when it comes to ethics and sustainability, and will not knowingly sell furniture that is not sustainably produced.

2021 sees the next step in the evolution. For a long while we have been considering how we can improve the customer experience when visiting our website. Having invested heavily in technology in the first three months we are now looking at other factors.

A destination for all the home. For a long while we have looked at how we can broaden our offer to make us more of a one stop shop for giving your house and home a refresh. Having taken time to investigate products and offering properly we are now pleased to be able to offer a very comprehensive range of home accessories on Price Crash Furniture to compliment all your home furniture needs.

SK Home Furniture – proud to offer a one stop shop for all things home. Backed by a great service guaranteed, and free UK Mainland delivery on all items – the price you see is the price you pay.