Welcome to the updated website for SK Home Furniture Ltd

Over the years we have built up a reputation for offering furniture for sale online. Since 2011 we have been demonstrating a commitment to attractive prices on nice websites.

As a business we love new technologies and look to use it to our advantage and that of our customers wherever we can

Our main brand is Price Crash Furniture – where we operate to a very clear mantra of selling good furniture at even better prices

We also have another active site Trade TV Mounts – a supplier of specialist AV Mounts to industry. These can be found in many a commercial situation be it banks, cinemas, or government call centres. Yes we really have supplied to all over the years.

Coming soon? Yes we have a new site in the planning stage. At this stage domains have been secured, and a clear idea of content mapped out. All that is required now is to put it into practice. This we estimate will happen late 2019 as it stands.

Why so long? Well at the moment our web team are very busy with an exciting project dedicated to Price Crash Furniture. Not a total game changer I will admit but it does show our continuing commitment to improving the customer experience.